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Hario Simply V60 Glass Brewing Kit
Hario Simply V60 Glass Brewing Kit

Hario Simply V60 Glass Brewing Kit

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When using the Hario Simply V60 Brewing Kit, you will be able to enjoy the rich flavours of pour-over coffee. Using the Hario V60 (02 sizes), as well as the 600 ml of Hario Simply range Server that is included in this bundle, you may brew and enjoy this kind of coffee.

Pour-Over brewers, like as the Hario Glass V60, may be seen in cafés all over the globe, making excellent coffee. It features spiral ridges on the paper filter, which prevent the filter from sticking to the cone walls, which helps to ensure an equal extraction.


Inside the Box


Direction to Use

  • Pour hot water over a filter that has been placed in the dripper to disinfect it.
  • Grind 20g of coffee on the medium-fine setting and put it into the dripper.
  • Gradually pour 40ml of hot water over the top of the grinds, spreading it evenly over them.
  • Immediately after the first 30 seconds have elapsed, gently pour the remaining 300ml in circles. 
  • After the coffee has done draining, pour a cup and sit back to enjoy it! 


Highlights of Hario Simply V60 Glass Brewing Kit

  • Crisp, Full Flavoured & Balanced Coffee. Pour-over coffee with sharp acidity and a clean body, brewed with this kit.
  • Keep Warm. With the 600ml server, you can keep your coffee hot for hours while serving it without spilling it.
  • Hario Glass is well-known for its heat-resistant construction and ability to maintain a constant temperature under extreme conditions.
  • Included Filter. This kit has enough 40pk filters to get you up and running.
  • Recommendations. Also consider a coffee kettle or the  Drip-Assist to improve the pour over coffee experience.
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