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Hario Buono Variable Temperature Kettle
Hario Buono Variable Temperature Kettle

Hario Buono Variable Temperature Kettle

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With the Hario V60 Buono Variable Temperature Kettle, you'll be able to complete your pour over coffee setup. Featuring the legendary accuracy of Hario Buono kettles combined with next-generation temperature precision that enables you to select the appropriate brewing temperature, this kettle is the perfect addition to any coffee enthusiast's gear arsenal. It is available in two sizes: small and large.

Because of its two heating settings, this kettle is perfect for brewers who value both speed and accuracy in their brewing. The Boil Mode, as the name implies, causes water to boil. Using Precision Mode, you may precisely control any temperature between 60 and 96 degrees Celsius to the decimal point. This accuracy eliminates the unknown variable of water temperature, enabling you to brew coffee that is more consistent and balanced as a result. You may also brew coffee at lower temperatures than normal, which opens the door to a world of new and fascinating combinations that would otherwise be impossible.

When the desired temperature is reached, the kettle's Keep Warm function may keep it at that temperature for up to fifteen minutes longer if needed. The kettle body is made of stainless steel and has a practical capacity of 800ml. This primary component is mounted on top of the electrical base, which has a digital temperature display and is designed to endure for many years to come.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x Hario V60 Buono Variable Temperature Kettle

    • Materials:   Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
    • Capacity: 800ml
    • Temperature Range: 60ºC - 96ºC
    • Dimensions: W300 x D190 x H185mm
    • Weight: 0.9kg


Highlights of Hario Buono Variable Temperature Kettle

  • Precision Pouring. The gooseneck design enables you to pour your brewing water at the precise speed and place you want, resulting in a richer, more balanced flavour and aroma.
  • Two Heating Modes: instant boiling and preset temperatures ranging from 60 to 96 degrees Celsius.
  • Temperature Hold. Special function to hold the temperature for up to 15 minutes.
  • Durable Design. The stainless steel construction and sturdy mechanics ensure that this tool will endure a long time.
  • Temperature Control. Keep track of the exact temperature of your water, which is shown digitally for optimum speed and accuracy. 
  • Recommendations. The kettle works well with Hario V60 and all other Pour Over Devices. We offer a wide range of Kettles for you to choose from.
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