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    Being one of the most popular coffee maker around the world, the Bellman Espresso Maker and Milk Steamer has won the title. With the innovative combination of mokapot, milk steamer together, you would be able to create a nice cup of coffee in just a few minutes.

    Making Espresso Easily

    You may put ground coffee inside the Bellman Coffee Maker. It is capable of making 3, 6 or 9 cups of espresso by switching the built in reducer inside the pot. For best result, we recommend the coffee powder versus water 1:2 to achieve the balanced flavour without over or under extactions. For example, for every 20g of coffee beans put inside the pot, extract 40g of coffee shot.

    Strong Steamer

    The Bellman CX25P Espresso Maker & Milk Steamer has a two hole milk steamer built inside the pot. By monitoring the pressure indicator from the pressure gauge, you may create cafe level steam in just a few minutes. To steam milk, simply put the steam wand inside the milk when the pressure gauge reads close to 2, gradually release the pressure valve so as to allow steam coming outside of the pot. It could help to create micro foam and creamy froth in either full cream milk, almond, oat, soy or any other types of milk.

    To clean up the steamer tip, simply turn the valve on to get rid of any residual milk inside the tip, then soak the tip inside hot water for 1 mins, and purge the wand and wipe with cleaning cloth.

    Premium Quality

    These espresso machines like the Bellman CX-25 are built with 304 Grade Stainless Steel, which is durable, robust, strong and can be used for a long time. It is compatible with any types of stoves including induction, gas, etc. You may carry the pot during travel, camping, work or any types of events.

    The Bellman also comes into two versions, the CX25P is a full function utility, whereas the 25SS is milk steamer only. Choose the right one for your next trip.

    We also offer the replacement parts in case you need to change once they become wear and tear.

    Tampers & Filters

    The Bellman Coffee Tamper is designed specifically for the Bellman Stove top Espresso Maker and Milk Steamer. The 58mm coffee tamper has a hole inside, which is designed to match the water valve inside the Bellman device. With the help of the coffee tamper, you could create more consistent espresso shots easily.

    The Bellman Filter could help to get rid of any micro grounds from the coffee beans, giving you a cleaner cup of coffee. While filtering the left overs, it still keeps the coffee oil and crema inside your espresso, which is also a must have in your Bellman Bundle.

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