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Ten Mile Stainless Steel Filter for AeroPress Coffee Maker & Delter
Ten Mile Stainless Steel Filter for AeroPress Coffee Maker & Delter

Ten Mile Stainless Steel Filter

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It is possible to convert your AeroPress into an ecologically responsible and travel-friendly device with the Ten Mile Stainless Steel Filter. You will enjoy a cup of coffee that is richer, fuller, and more enjoyable as a result of the stainless steel's extended lifespan. 

In addition, stainless steel filters are simple to clean and do not need replacement as often as other materials. Paper filters are inefficient and wasteful in their functioning since they are made of paper. When not in use, you may store the stainless steel filter inside the Aeropress, freeing up room in your luggage for other things.

Inside the Box

Highlights of Ten Mile Stainless Steel Filter

  • Improved Coffee Flavour. It is necessary to add coffee oils that have a mild fragrance to the final brew in order to improve the flavour, volume, and texture of the finished cup of coffee.
  • Stainless Steel Filter is completely environmentally friendly, and you will not need the paper filters again once the stainless steel is in place, and it could be used for many years.
  • Compact Storage. It may be stored compactly within the AeroPress, conserving space in your luggage, and it can be used many times without losing its effectiveness while travelling.
  • Simple to Clean. All that is required is a quick rinse with water, after which the filter may be used again.
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