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Friis Coffee Bean Storage Vault with One-way Valve (Red)
Friis Coffee Bean Storage Vault with One-way Valve (Red)

Friis Coffee Bean Storage Vault with One-way Valve (Red)


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Great coffee begins with super-fresh beans, and the Friis Red coffee vault makes it simple to keep your beans at their peak freshness for longer periods of time.

The three main sources of coffee bean degradation addressed by this coffee vault are light, heat, and oxygen exposure. Because the stainless steel body is opaque, it allows harmful ultraviolet rays and heat to flow through. A one-way valve allows natural CO2 to escape while simultaneously preventing oxygen from entering, thus avoiding further damage to the beans from occuring.

A total of 600g of entire coffee beans may be stored in the stainless steel vault, which makes it ideal for use by any household. The vault is capped with a BPA-free polymer lid that snaps shut with a satisfying click. Vaults made of ebony and silver are also available. If you maintain your coffee beans safe, they will reward you with a cup of rich, freshly brewed coffee.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x Friis Red (+ Black Lid)
  • 6 x Valves


Highlights of Friis Coffee Bean Storage Vault with One-way Valve (Red)

  • Longer Life. By limiting exposure to potentially hazardous factors, your coffee beans will remain fresher for a longer period of time than usual.
  • Stainless Steel Body. It prevents sunlight from affecting the quality of the coffee.
  • One-way valve removes harmful carbon dioxide from the environment while allowing harmful oxygen to enter.
  • Three colours are available: silver with a black lid, ebony black, and crimson. 
  • Recommendations. In case the savor valve needs replacement, we have got you covered with Friis Coffee Savor Valve Set 6 Pack.
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