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Friis Coffee Bean Storage Vault with One-way Valve Ebony (Black)
Friis Coffee Bean Storage Vault with One-way Valve Ebony (Black)

Friis Coffee Bean Storage Vault with One-way Valve Ebony (Black)

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Great coffee starts with ultra-fresh beans, and with the Friis Ebony (Black) coffee vault, you can easily maximise the freshness of your beans.

This coffee vault addresses three primary causes of coffee bean decay: light, heat, and oxygen. The stainless steel body's opacity keeps damaging sunlight and heat out. A one-way valve lets natural C02 to leave while keeping oxygen from entering, limiting additional bean damage.

The stainless steel vault can store up to 600g of entire coffee beans, making it suitable for any family. The vault is topped with a BPA-free polymer lid that closes firmly. There are additional vaults in red and silver. Keep your coffee beans secure, and they'll repay you with rich, fresh flavours.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x Friis Ebony Coffee Bean Storage
  • 6 x Valves


Highlights of Friis Coffee Bean Storage Vault with One-way Valve Ebony (Black)

  • Preserve Freshness. By preventing exposure to potentially harmful elements, your coffee beans will maintain their peak freshness for a longer length of time.
  • Premium Build. The opaque stainless steel prevents sunlight from damaging the freshness of the coffee within the container.
  • One way valve removes toxic carbon dioxide while allowing oxygen to enter.
  • Three different colors available: silver with a black lid, ebony black, and red are the three colours that may be purchased.
  • Recommendations. We have got you covered with friis Coffee Savor Valve Set 6 Pack in case it needs replacement.
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