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Hario Glass Iced Coffee Maker
Hario Glass Iced Coffee Maker

Hario Glass Iced Coffee Maker

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When it comes to pour over coffee brewers, the Hario Glass Iced Coffee Maker is a versatile option that would look at home in any kitchen or café. A silicone ring connection and Hario's famous V60 pour over cone are included with the purchase of this product. By using this silicone, you may avoid the V60 striking too hard on the glass carafe on which it is resting, thus extending the life of your coffee equipment.

In addition to the 700ml carafe, an optional ice shaft fits into the carafe and may be filled with ice to make iced coffee. This enables the freshly brewed coffee to immediately drop into the ice and freeze, preserving the aromas and flavours to produce a rich and crisp glass of iced coffee with a creamy texture.

You are welcome to make hot coffee if you want! Simply remove the ice shaft and proceed with the brewing process as normal. Each and every piece of glass is made of Hario's famous high borosilicate glass, which is a strong material that can resist both hot and cold liquids and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The only coffee maker you'll ever need if you want to switch between hot and iced coffee is this straightforward and adaptable model.



Inside the Box

  • Hario V60 Cone
  • Hario Glass Carafe
  • Hario Ice Chamber
    • Materials: Hario Glass, Silicone
    • Dimensions:  W165 × D120 × H235mm
    • Practical Capacity: 700ml


Hario Glass Iced Coffee Maker Features

  • Crisp, Clear Cup of Coffee is produced by the Hario V60 brewing system, which is recognised for its quality throughout the globe.
  • Brew Hot or Cold Coffee. This device can be used to produce either hot or iced coffee due to the insertable glass ice container and the robust glass construction.
  • Durable Glass. Construction is made of Hario's world-renowned high quality borosilicate glass, which is heat resistant and as clear as day. 
  • Recommendations. Don't forget to get a Pouring Kettle or Coffee Grinder if you don't already have one.
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