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Hario Bamboo Paddle Stir
Hario Bamboo Paddle Stir

Hario Bamboo Paddle Stir

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The Hario Bamboo Paddle is a chic way to stir your brewing coffee while it's still hot. This smooth paddle, which has been meticulously crafted from bamboo, agitates your coffee in a steady, controlled way, resulting in a more balanced extraction and more flavour.

Pour over brewers, french presses, and other similar devices are recommended for usage with this product. Furthermore, since bamboo is soft on glass, it will not shatter your favourite cup if you accidentally knock it against a wall, as a metal stirrer could do. The paddle is intended to fit in with the overall design of any kitchen or café environment.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x Hario Bamboo Paddle Sitr
    • Materials: Bamboo
    • Length: 25cm


Highlights of Hario Bamboo Paddle Stir

  • Perfect Stir Companion. For a balanced extraction and better flavour, stir gently and steadily with the use of a syphon, french press, or pour-over to ensure a consistent extraction and flavour.
  • Smooth + Minimal is a straightforward solution that is intended to meet the needs of home brewers as well as baristas in a variety of café environments.
  • Recommendations. Brewers constructed of delicate glass like Hario Syphon TechnicaHario Glass V60 will not be harmed by the use of bamboo as a building material.
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