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Brewista Smart Scale 2
Brewista Smart Scale 2

Brewista Smart Scale 2

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The Smart Scale II makes it easier to understand the physics behind properly made coffee. Our simple-to-use, feature-rich balance has a water-resistant covering that allows it to measure down to as little as 0.1 grammes in weight. This smart coffee scale, which is designed to be the best-in-class instrument for quality and cost, will assist you in developing your own personal coffee artistry at home.

It was designed specifically with the barista in mind, and it has six simple-to-use settings. Both espresso and pour-over brewing techniques may be used with this device, which now includes a rechargeable battery. Excellent for use in a café or at home, since it allows you to weigh your coffee and water to a tenth of a gramme precision. With a built-in timer, you won't have to take your focus away from your coffee making area to check the clock.

The whole scale is built using a water-resistant nano-coat technology that is used throughout. Keep the scale on an espresso drip tray so that it doesn't become wet or squished. Even when it's wet, the rubberized covering makes it simple to hold on to. The scales are equipped with six brewing modes, each of which includes settings that make espresso and pour-over brewing more efficient and hands-free, respectively.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x Brewista Smart Scale Version 2
  • 1 x Silicone Protective Pad
  • 1 x Instructional Booklet
  • 1 x USB rechargeable Battery
    • Materials: Stainless Steel Plate, Rubber Coated Plastic Body, Clear Acrylic Cover
    • Dimensions: 12.7 x 10.7 x 1.8 cm high
    • Measures In: Grams
    • Capacity: 2kg
    • Detection: 0.1g


Highlights of Brewista Smart Scale 2

  • Recharable Battery means that the scale would never worry about pairing with batteries and could stay for many days. Take care not to over charge the battery.
  • Built in LCD panel with backlighting makes the scale easier to read the digits.
  • Rubber Protection Pad helps to prevent scale from being damaged by water spills or surface scratches.
  • Weighing Tray. A large protective cover that may also be used as a weighing tray is included in the package.
  • Accuracy. Maximum capacity is 2000g, and Precision is 0.1g. 
  • Recommendations. In case Brewista Smart Scale 2 is not your deal, we also offer a large range of coffee scales for you to choose from.
  • Recommendations. Works great with Brewista Smart Hourglass Brewer and other pour over devices.
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