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Airscape Kilo 8 Large - Ash Grey
Airscape Kilo 8 Large - Ash Grey

Airscape Kilo 8 Large - Ash Grey

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The Airscape Kilo 8" Large - Ash Grey is an excellent storage container for preserving freshness, which helps you to get the most from freshness no matter how long it is kept. Airscape canisters go above and beyond the norm and are airtight. In contrast to conventional food storage that allows air to seep in, the Airscape's innovative lid design traps and shuts out air from the container, preventing food contamination. To draw out the air when you press down on the inner lid, the Airscape lid utilises an air valve. In order to preserve the freshness in the air and to keep the air out, the valve should be closed.

Both the way coffee is kept and how it is prepared are equally important when it comes to coffee preparation. It must protect the freshness of the food by not allowing oxygen and humidity to affect it, and it must prevent UV rays from destroying the food. Reusable and refillable dry goods storage is their best storage solution.

In addition to this, the Airscape's galvanised steel body is tough and durable enough to deal with a commercial kitchen, and, most importantly, prevents stains and other undesirable smells from lingering. BPA-free, clear topslids provide easy visibility inside the container while also facilitating convenient storage and stacking.



Inside the Box

  • Airscape Kilo 8 Large - Ash Grey
  • Airscape Classic Lid
    • Materials: galvanized steel, BPA-Free plastic, acrylic, silicon seal
    • Dimensions: 203mm (H) x 175mm (D)
    • Capacity: 1.1kg Whole Beans / 3.55L Liquid

Highlights of Airscape Kilo 8 Large - Ash Grey

  • High Quality. Airscape is built by galvanized steel, which is a strong, long-lasting material. It is durable, food safe and can last for many years.
  • Airtight. Keeping food out of sunshine or air, which has proved to significantly increase the food life time.
  • Easy Maintaineous. All Airscape containers are very easy to clean by hand.
  • Sotre Almost Anything. It could store any kinds of perishable food, including coffee beans, tea, dog food, cat food, etc.
  • Different Colors & Sizes. There are many colors and sizes to choose from. You could also check out other coffee bean storage products.
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