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TempTag Pro Milk Thermometer
TempTag Pro Milk Thermometer
TempTag Pro Milk Thermometer
TempTag Pro Milk Thermometer

TempTag Pro Milk Thermometer

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With the assistance of the TempTag Pro Milk Thermometer Pack, milk temperature management is becoming more precise. It is 55 degrees Celsius in the first window, 65 degrees in the second, and 70 degrees Celsius in the third window.

By utilising Temptags, baristas will be able to steam a variety of milk kinds at varying degrees without coming into close touch with the milk, reducing waste and encouraging excellent hygiene.

Because they are located on the outside of the milk jug, it is simple to regulate the consistency of steaming milk while using them.
Australia is where the product is manufactured and developed. Pack stickers are available in quantities of four or twelve per order.


Inside the Box

  • TempTag Pro Milk Thermometer Pack (4 or 12 pack)


Direction to Use

  • Use a dry and clean metal jug before using it.
  • Attach the Temptag to your jug, ensure to stick it to the bottom of the jug for best performance.
  • Make sure to eliminate all bubbles between the Temptag and Jug to reach accurate reading.
  • Place an additional Temptag on the opposite side if using the other hand.


Highlights of TempTag Pro Milk Thermometer

  • Precise Temperature Control. The Temptag Pro's precise temperature controls mean the barista can reliably make coffee that is consistently done to the proper temperature.
  • Easy to Read & Apply. Temptags have a compact design and clearly illuminate when hot, and are thus very easy to read and clean.
  • No Calibration Required. You will never have to bother about calibration with this thermometer.
  • Reduced Cross Contamination. Temptags are put outside of the milk jug and it won't touch the milk and cause cross contamination.
  • Recommendations. We offer a wide range of thermometers to choose from, also consider getting a proper milk jug for your coffee frothing.
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