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Rhinowares Pitcher Milk Jug Rinser 600mm
Rhinowares Pitcher Milk Jug Rinser 600mm
Rhinowares Pitcher Milk Jug Rinser 600mm
Rhinowares Pitcher Milk Jug Rinser 600mm
Rhinowares Pitcher Milk Jug Rinser 600mm
Rhinowares Pitcher Milk Jug Rinser 600mm

Rhinowares Pitcher Milk Jug Rinser 600mm

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It's easy and fast to clean up your old milk jugs with the Rhinowares Pitcher Milk Jug Rinser 600mm, which takes up very little space. Because of the water jet and large drain, it's an useful piece of equipment for busy cafés. It may also be incorporated into your current bar design.

In as little as 2-3 seconds, you can quickly and thoroughly clean your milk jugs of any leftover milk, coffee, or other residue. You may save time and money by reusing the jug between lattes rather of running to the washer. The rinser's large drain capacity helps keep it clear of clogs while also speeding up drainage.

In a busy café, this large rinser size is perfect for rinsing and then draining two jugs at once in one rinser. Because it connects directly to your espresso machine's water supply, installing the gadget just takes a few minutes for a cafe manager.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x Sink
  • 1x Spinjet spray mech with star
  • 3 Piece grate (1x plate with actuator hole, 2x drain tray)
  • 1 x John Guest Hose Adapter ( * drain hose not included)
    • Materials: Stainless Steel
    • Dimensions (approx): Width - 231mm x Length - 600mm
    • Also Available: 600mm Spinjet Version

Depth Requirements: The Rhinowares rinsers are 40mm deep, however this is only when they are not fitted with fittings. We suggest at least 150mm of space beneath the bench for basic connecting purposes (this includes fall for the drain hose). The exact depth may vary based on the position of the drain, the location of the water supply, and whether you choose an elbow connection or a straight connector for the connector.

Highlights of Rhinowares Pitcher Milk Jug Rinser 600mm

  • Enhanced Drain Tray design prevents residue from building up in a static state, while also providing a large drain exit.
  • Larger Actuator Plate allows it to be used on a wider variety of machinery.
  • Relocation of Rinser. You may relocate the rinser to the middle or leave it at one end using the RHPR600's additional location. Designing it in 3 pieces enables it to adjust well to many different settings while also providing the greatest possible inclination.
  • Additional Rinser Available. For busy cafés, or to allow for specialised usage – such as using one sprayer for milk and another with spinjet for tea plungers – consider installing an extra rinser.
  • Recommendations. Consider a Milk Jug Cleaner and Cleaning Brushes to improve the cleaning experience. 


Swapping the Plug and Spray


 Fix the O-Ring


Change the Piston 


Replace the Seals 

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