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Duralex Picardie Latte Glass 6 Pack
Duralex Picardie Latte Glass 6 Pack

Duralex Picardie Latte Glass 6 Pack

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Classic caffe latte glasses from the French region of Picardie are still the most commonly used latte cups across the globe. There's more to the Picardie Duralex Glass 6 Pack than simply a set of glass tumblers.

These Duralex glass tumblers, which are made in France, have tempered, chip-resistant, and crystal clear glass that is ideal for drinking. Coffee lovers will now be able to enjoy their beverage in the open rather than behind barred ceramic walls, according to the company. It is possible to freeze the glass and then clean it in the dishwasher.


Inside the Box

  • 6 x Picardie Duralex Glass
    • Materials: Duralex Glass
    • Sizes: 90ml (Piccolo), 130ml (Strong Piccolo), 160ml (4 Pack), 220ml (Latte), 250ml, 310ml (Large Latte), 360ml
    • Also Available: Duralex Provence Tumbler Latte Glass


Highlights of Duralex Picardie Latte Glass 6 Pack

  • Traditional Latte Glass. Enjoy your latte in the original caffe latte glass.
  • Tempered and chip-resistant, this glassware will last you for years.
  • Different Sizes. You may choose from 7 different glass sizes, each with a different number of ounces.
  • Recommendations. Check out other cups and glasses that we offer.
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