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Flair Neo Espresso Maker
Flair Neo Espresso Maker
Flair Neo Espresso Maker
Flair Neo Espresso Maker
Flair Neo Espresso Maker
Flair Neo Espresso Maker
Flair Neo Espresso Maker

Flair Neo Espresso Maker

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The Flair Neo Espresso Maker produces great, at-home manually made espresso without breaking the budget. It's simple, ecologically responsible, and most importantly, enjoyable, all while creating wonderful coffee. It has a flow-control portafilter that allows you to experiment with the intricacies of espresso brewing without having to invest in high-tech equipment.

The Flow Control portafilter simplifies the brewing process by controlling the pressure build-up and the pace at which the water flows through your coffee grinds to guarantee optimal espresso extraction. You may use any bean you choose and ground it with any grinder on the market, from high-end burr grinders to less costly bladed grinders. The end outcome will be the same. Beautiful, wonderful espresso shots with a coating of crema on top.

Crema, the thick, luscious froth that forms on top of a shot of espresso, is a good sign of a shot that has been well extracted. The NEO offers all you need and more if you've been missing this in your morning routine. Reduce the pressure on the lever and wait for the espresso to blossom in your cup.

The Flair Neo is a totally manual lever press that does not require power. With this espresso maker, no pods are wasted and tossed into landfills; only actual coffee beans are ground by you. Upgrades to the Flair are available, and they're beneficial for boosting volume and espresso extraction.



Inside the Box

  • 1 x Post, Base & Lever
  • 1 x Flow-Control Portafilter
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Dispersion Screen
  • 1 x Brewing Cylinder
  • 1 x Polyacetal Piston
  • 1 x Dosing Cup
  • 1 x Funnel
  • 1 x Drip Tray
    • Materials: Die-Cast Aluminium, Polyacetal Plastic, Stainless Steel
    • Weight: 2.27kg
    • Brewing Head: Standard Brew Head
    • Reservoir Capacity: 60ml
    • Portafilter Diameter: 40mm
    • Max Output: 40ml
    • Dose: 17g
    • Dimensions (cm): (W) 15.5 x (L) 31.5 (H) 26


Highlights of Flair Neo Espresso Maker

  • Rich & Balanced Coffee Extraction. Enjoying a cup of delicious espresso at home is a simple process that will soon become your favourite morning routine.
  • Built to Last. The Neo is constructed of reinforced die-cast aluminium that is both strong and long lasting.
  • Hand Driven. Every time you pull the lever down, you're contributing to making the world a healthier place for everyone. 
  • Recommendations. The Pressure Gauge Kit would help you to ensure the extraction is consistent each press, Flair Temperature Strip allows you to monitor the temperature when extracting coffee, and a Milk Frother allows for creamier and better coffee taste.
  • Recommendations.  For extra protection, consider using Flair Fitted Carry Case.
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