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Bodum Chambord 3 Cup - Copper Press
Bodum Chambord 3 Cup - Copper Press

Bodum Chambord Copper Press - 3 Cups

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The french press is a coffee machine that is widely used all over the world. With its copper-plated finish, the Bodum Chambord Copper 3 Cup press pays homage to the traditional french press while also including an element of modern design: a copper-plated finish.

One of the most straightforward methods of brewing coffee is to pour hot water over coarse coffee grounds in a FrenchPress and let it to sit for a few minutes. After four minutes, remove the coffee from the pot. The three-piece stainless steel filter, which may be used in lieu of paper filters, allows aromatic oils and microparticles to flow through, giving your coffee or tea additional body and flavour depth.

A multi-step process, chrome plating produces a highly reflective and long-lasting finish that is extremely reflective and durable. Beginning in the 1950s, when it was discovered that conventional techniques were not environmentally sustainable, Bodum began using new technologies and procedures to minimise their environmental impact.

Because it is heat resistant, borosilicate glass is utilised for the carafe and the handle of the vessel. They may be cleaned in the dishwasher without causing damage to the stainless steel carafe and stainless steel filtration system.


Inside the Box 

  • 1 x Bodum Chambord 3 Cup - Copper Press
    • Carafe Capacity: 350 ml
    • Materials: Heat-resistant borosilicate glass, stainless steel, heat-resistant bakelite
    • Also Available: 8 Cup Version


Highlights of Bodum Chambord 3 Cup - Copper Press

  • Standout Design. Copper-plated coffee maker with a modern take on the traditional design.
  • Brewing Coffee & Tea. The device could be used to make hot or cold brew coffee, as well as tea.
  • Cleaner Cup. Brew coffee with a complete range of flavours due to the stainless steel filtration system, which allows coffee oils and micro-grounds to enhance the finished cup.
  • Strong Build. Glass made of heat-resistant borosilicate and framed in stainless steel will endure a long time.
  • Environment Friendly. New chrome plating techniques are environmentally beneficial since they have a small, long-term impact. Because paper filters aren't required, there's no need to dispose of anything.
  • Recommendations. To make milk froth, consider trying the Subminimal NanoFoamer Milk Frother which could produce milk froth easily. To grind coffee, a decent manual grinder may also be required.
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