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Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother
Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother
Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother
Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother
Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother
Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother

Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother

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When you use the Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother, you can turn your ordinary cup of coffee into a gourmet coffee experience. To make the smoothest, velvetiest cappuccino or hot chocolate, start with a cafe latte that is smoother and more textured than your average cup of coffee.

In addition, there is the Bodum Barista frother, which you may use to heat or froth your favourite beverages. The only thing that the Electric milk frother has in common with its more costly countertop version in terms of simplicity is that they both have a single button. However, owing to the fact that the electric version also has two discs, one for heating and the other for frothing, you have full control over the froth that is produced in your milk.

It is necessary to utilise a thermostat-controlled system to guarantee that the beverage does not get burnt or scorched while being heated. Because of the stainless steel bowl, stainless steel is a very simple material to clean. A heat-resistant silicone band has been wrapped around the milk container, giving a convenient method to hold it while it is being used in the microwave. The Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother is capable of working with any kind of milk thanks to its Boil-Dry protection and three heating and cooling settings.



Inside the Box

  • Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother 
  • 2 x Disks – Frother and Heating
    • Materials: Plastic, Stainless Steel Milk Container, Silicon Wrap
    • Capacity: 400ml
    • Dimensions (cm): (Ø) 10.3 (H) 21


Highlights of Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother

  • Enough for 1-2 Cup. The Frother is able to produce 400ml of frothed milk at one time.
  • Multi Functions. You may either use the frothing disc or the heating disc to switch the functions at anytime. To get hot or cold froth, you have three options: Hot Frothing with Heating, Heating Only, or Cold Frothing.
  • Easy Cleaning. With a nonstick surface on the body and interior for simple cleaning, stainless steel is a choice of many chefs and cooktops.
  • Safety Guides. To avoid burning, make sure that the water should not boil. This is ensured by using an automatic temperature monitor that shuts off when the water boils.
  • Dish Washer Safe. The whole body is dishwasher safe, including container, lid, and discs.
  • Recommendations. You might use Flair Espresso Maker to present a great cup of cup.
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