What Are the Different Types of Coffee Subscription?

When people talking about coffee subscription, they usually refer to buying coffee beans from certain supplier and get delivered at their choice frequency. This is convenient for people working from home and need a great cup of coffee.

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Different types of coffee subscription

There are so many coffee roasters around Australia, and everyone of them are providing coffee subscription to people. However, what are they? In general, we can divide those types of services into two parts. With coffee machine, and without. 

Clearly, if no coffee machines are provided, the coffee subscription is usually very cheap (as in most cases discounts are provided), and there is no binding agreements or contracts, and we call it coffee bean subscription. (thinking about when you are going to Telstra and asking for SIM-only plans)

On the other hand, if coffee machine is also provided in your subscription, we call it as coffee bean & machine subscription. Such kind of subscription would usually require you to serve a minimum term, and sign a contract to protect both parties interests.


Benefits of Coffee Bean Subscription

There are many benefits of coffee bean only subscription, and the generally accepted are:

  • No binding contracts or agreement. You could easily change the plan you like, add products to your current subscription, skip if you had too much and haven't finished the ones, delay if you want to have a holiday, or even cancel it at anytime without any further obligations.
  • Generally cheap in nature. To encourage people subscribe to a coffee plan, coffee roasters would usually introduce free shipping or discounts if you buy more of same kind.
  • Freedom to try different things. Coffee beans, like many seasonal fruits and vegetables, have its seasonal factor. For example, Brazil coffee bean usually harvests from Apr to Sep, whereas Panama coffee beans harvests from Oct to Feb. If you would like to try different single origins in different seasons, having the freedom to change to other types of bean has been really convenient.


Benefits of Coffee Bean & Machine Subscription

Although it looks that coffee bean only subscription is better, this is not always the truth, and coffee bean & machine subscription has its unique benefits compared to the above:

  • Exclusive membership rights. At Breeze Valley Coffee Roasters, we offer a lot of exclusive membership rights to make sure you are getting the value. The online education portal would allow you to have access to coffee skills, snacks recipes at ease, as well as members exlcusive birth month gift (single origin of the month).
  • Your coffee machine would get old. Like many other domestic equipments, coffee machines do get old as you use them. Although most of the coffee machines could last for many years, but the functionality would gradually be given away. Thinking about mobile phones, you are not changing the mobile phone every other year because it cannot be using anymore. It is just because of the functions are not catching up. With a valid coffee bean & machine subscription plan, you could have access to brand new coffee machines every year, sounds cool, right?
  • You still have the freedom, why not? A good coffee bean & machine plan would give you the freedom to change coffee beans to the ones you like, allowing you to pause your membership for a certain amount of time. The important thing is that you need to choose the right service provider. At Breeze Valley, we are so glad that every one of our valued members are happy with our service, although we are offering our members the right to leave, people would still stay for its value.


What to take care when signing coffee subscription agreement?

Don't be fear if it comes to a subscription agreement, as it is nothing worried but just standard terms to provide both party's interests. We suggest you to read through all the subscription agreement before signing, and there are usually some important parts to be taken care of:

Same as what the advertisment say. Some company draft agreements different than their advertisements. They said people could own the coffee machine at the end of the term, but in the agreement people need to pay a lum sum. 

Allowing people to terminate. We cannot force people to stay, right? People stay because they love us, but not because forced to. In such a case, a good coffee subscription agreement should have the terms allowing people to terminate the contract if one party has done wrong.

Flexibility, and people still get to choose. The coffee industry is a bit different, as it relates to personal flavors. Some people may like our beans like Breeze Aroma, but others might like Zephyr Plum. The good coffee subscription agreement should allow people to choose the coffee bean they like, or even the single origins, to best suit their needs.


The Bottom line

At Breeze Valley, we understand people's needs, and have both the coffee bean subscription and coffee bean & machine subscription to fit your requirement, regardless you own the coffee machine or not. We prepare agreements based on both party's interest, ensuring everyone is protected and still provide you the best possible coffee subscription experience.