Coffee Subscriptions

We offer Coffee Beans + Machine Subscription & Coffee Beans Only Subscription to tailor your needs. 

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Coffee Beans & Machine Subscriptions

With our Coffee Membership Subscription, you will have access to a coffee machine, coffee beans delivered to your door every 4 weeks from just $29 per week. If you have stayed with us for 12 months or more, the coffee machine is yours.

I am looking for Coffee Beans only

Coffee Beans Only Subscriptions

The Beans-Only Subscription allows you to subscribe different types of coffee beans at your freedom to add, skip, delay or cancel at anytime. No contracts and no obligations.

About Coffee Beans & Machine Subscription

It has become a growing trend that many people like to buy things via subscriptions, to save time, hassles and money. We understand such a need, and introduced the coffee beans & machine subscription to help you out.

Imagine that you want to buy a new phone, instead of buying the outright for a large lump sum of money, going on a weekly plan would help you release such high pressure. It is the truth when comes to coffee industry. A recent search has realised that on average, our customers are spending over $50 per week on coffee, and that is only giving you about 1 - 2 cups a day. If you are a heavy coffee lover and drinks about 3 - 4 cups a day, the cost would be even higher. 

This is the main reason why we created the coffee beans & machine subscription (coffee membership) to make the life easier. 

Your Choice of Coffee Machine

We know that not everyone are coffee experts. Some people like to make coffee by themselves, and enjoy the flexibility to fine-tune each cup of coffee by measuring coffee doses, extraction, doing milk texture and great latte art. Others, however, would just like their coffee by pressing a button, but is already sick of the $1 coffee outside and really need a great cup of coffee to start the day. 

We offer both Breville & De'longhi coffee machine to you, one is manual coffee machine, the other is automatic, right at your choice, allowing you to choose the best one for your coffee life.

Own Coffee Machine for $1

You heard it right, and there are no other hiddens fees for owning your coffee machine if you have stayed with us for 12 months. This is just like signing up a new mobile phone plan, and you deserve to own your coffee machine which could last for many years.

Monthly Coffee Delivery

We will deliver the freshly roasted coffee to you every 4 weeks, allowing enough coffee made for the whole year. By default we will deliver you to Breeze Aroma Blend if you are not sure which blend you like, however you always have the freedom to change to other blends or single origins if you have discovered a new habbit.

Not only that, if you are on holidays, just let us know so we will pause your membership for up to 4 weeks once in a year. If you require additional items like decaf beans, chocolate powder, chai powder, just let us know and we will add to your delivery for free shipping.

Access to Education Portal

You are curious on how cafe operates, what kind of skills required to make a good cup of coffee, any recipes for making the drinks, coffee snacks, etc. We have prepared comprehensive Education Portal for our valued members, entailing all those knowledge in one place, with easy access on your computer, tablets or moible at any time.

Birthday Surprises

We would like to thank you, as one of our valued coffee members for the continuous support, and we of course want to give you some surprises when it comes to your birthday. Fingers crossed and make a wish, and we will send something special to you in your birthday month.

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