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Toddy Commercial Brew System + Lift
Toddy Commercial Brew System + Lift
Toddy Commercial Brew System + Lift

Toddy Commercial Brew System + Lift

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Using the Toddy Commercial Cold Brew System, you will be able to offer Cold Brew coffee in your café setting. It's the ideal no-frills system for cafes, restaurants, workplaces, and other establishments, creating a flexible and delicious cold brew and delivering 9.5L of concentrated coffee each batch.

Cold brew coffee is popular because of its unique flavour profile and absence of acidity and bitterness, which may be up to 66 percent less acidic and bitter than normal hot brewed coffee, according to some sources. It is possible to create iced coffee, hot coffee, cold brew lattes, and other creative coffee beverages with the cold brew concentrate.

The brewing procedure for the system is simple: just crush the grains, soak them, and let them to rest for 12 hours before filtering. The vast majority of them set it up at night and take it down in the morning, as if it were a clockwork operation.


Inside the Box

*Strainer and paper filters sold separately


Direction to Use

  • Coarsely grind 2kg of coasely grounded coffee beans and pour them into the coffee filter.
  • Pour 10L of cold water over the coffee grounds, evenly soaking them.
  • Lift the body after 12 hours to decant the concentrate into various containers.
  • Pour, dilute, and enjoy the coffee.


Highlights of Toddy Commercial Brew System

  • Large 9.5L Capacity. Yield up to 9.5L at a time, which is large enough for cafés, offices, events, and more to use.
  • Clean, Crisp Acidity and Balanced Coffee. Cold brew coffee offers a unique flavour profile with up to 66% less acidity and bitterness, and would create crisp and bright coffee taste.
  • Set & Forget. You don't have to stand there and manually hold up the coffee bag, the toddy's commercial brew system do the job for you.
  • Versatile. Using the final cold brew concentrate, you may make iced coffee, hot coffee, or even cold brew lattes that are served ice cold.
  • Recommendations. Consider using the Cafetto Cold Brew Pro Cleaner to maintain your cold brew device.

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