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T2 Sencha Tea Bag
T2 Sencha Tea Bag
T2 Sencha Tea Bag

T2 Sencha Tea Bag

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Steamed Camellia sinensis leaves are used to make sencha, a kind of green tea (tea bushes). When it comes to the flavour, sencha from Japan is often characterised as vegetal or green. It may also have a seaweed or grassy aftertaste. Sencha varieties and brewing methods influence flavour.

Fresh tea leaves are quickly steamed to avoid oxidation and keep their vibrant green colour and taste intact during the manufacturing of sencha green tea. After rolling, shaping, and drying, the leaves are ready to use.

Many other nations make sencha teas however the teas may vary significantly from Japanese varieties due to the different tea plants and processing methods employed. When compared to the green Japanese sencha, these teas are more toasted and nutty in flavour, which makes them popular for mixing.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x T2 Sencha Tea Bag
    • Ingredients:  Green tea


Brewing Guide

  • 1 bag per cup
  • 1-3 mins
  • 80ºC (176ºF)


What is the Difference between Sencha & Green Tea?

Green teas such as matcha and sencha, which both originate from the camellia sinensis plant, have a very different texture. Sencha is the steamed and rolled loose leaf, whereas matcha is a fine, bright green powder made from stone-ground tea leaves.


Is Sencha better than Matcha?

Due to the sun exposure, sencha has a higher concentration of catechin antioxidants, while matcha has a higher concentration of caffeine and theanine due to less exposure to the sun. Both of these teas are good for you, but based on the information above, you may decide which one you prefer.

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