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Rhinowares Cupping Bowl 230ml
Rhinowares Cupping Bowl 230ml
Rhinowares Cupping Bowl 230ml
Rhinowares Cupping Bowl 230ml
Rhinowares Cupping Bowl 230ml
Rhinowares Cupping Bowl 230ml
Rhinowares Cupping Bowl 230ml
Rhinowares Cupping Bowl 230ml

Rhinowares Coffee Cupping Bowl 230ml

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Using the exact same brewing conditions every time, cupping is the technique we use to assess various coffees and compare them to one another. It is our goal to eliminate every variable possible in order to better comprehend the traits and attributes that the coffee is exhibiting in the cup, and we will do this without the need of expensive brew equipment or the assistance of an expert barista.

When buying coffee beans, it is critical to taste the them first, to determine which scores higher and taste better, and what kind of combination that those beans can mix together. Rhinowares has created a cupping bowl which will assist you in concentrating less on the colour and purity of the roast and more on the flavour and fragrance of the roast.

The white cupping bowl, which was designed to complement their current cupping line, complies with SCA design and volume requirements, making it suitable for use in competitions.


Inside the Box

Highlights of Rhinowares Cupping Bowl 230ml

  • Great Cupping Tool. The Rhinowares Cupping Bowl meets requirements for SCA Volume Standards, and therefore is a perfect tool for cupping your coffee beans, either for practice or competition.
  • Heat Resistant Ceramic. The bowls are built of high quality ceramic and could stands high heat. The ceramic is strong and endurable, and could be used for many years.
  • Curved internal base allows you to easily taste the coffee beans in different angles, it is easy to hold the cup.
  • 230ml Capacity is the right size for tasting one cup of coffee.
  • Dishwasher Safe. The bowl is dishwasher safe, and easy to clean by rinsing it under water.
  • Recommendations. You might also need a  Cupping Spoon, Timer to improve your cupping skills. Also remember to check out our wide range of coffee beans to enjoy the differences between those coffee.
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