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Rhinowares Ceramic Grinder Burrs Set
Rhinowares Ceramic Grinder Burrs Set

Rhinowares Ceramic Grinder Burrs Set

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Fresh Ceramic Burrs for Rhinowares grinders will help you get the most out of your manual coffee grinder for longer. The conical burrs are constructed of the same strong ceramic that is used in the grinders and is included as standard equipment. It is recommended that burrs be changed every 12-18 months or when they get dull or broken.


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Highlights of Rhinowares Ceramic Grinder Burrs Set

  • Built to Last. The grinding burr is made of conical ceramic and can last for a long time.
  • Heat Resistant. Because of the ceramic burr, it could stand heat during grinding, thus ensure the grinding particle is consistent and is not affected by temperature.
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