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Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G
Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G
Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G
Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G
Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G

Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G

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Discover the latest generation of Hario grinders with the Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G Hand Grinder, a small and highly efficient hand grinder. This coffee grinder is an excellent option for anybody who wants to brew coffee on the go without sacrificing the flavour quality of their cup of coffee. It features reliable ceramic conical burrs, a light and compact design, and a transparent exterior shell that allows you to have an up-close view at the grinding process, which is a first in the industry.

It is well recognised in the coffee industry because the ceramic conical burrs on this grinder are very precise, consistently consistent, and long-lasting. They're particularly well-suited to the production of filter coffee, so this grinder can produce grounds for a variety of coffee makers, from a french press to a moka pot.

The BPA-free plastic body is light and thin while yet being very durable, making it a great option for even the lightest of packers who need to travel light. Transparent and black translucent colours are also available for the body, which provides an intriguing visual view on the grinding process, which is typically hidden behind equipment. It has a capacity of 24g of coffee, which is adequate for 1-2 persons.

In the event that you need to perform a quick clean, the Hario Smart G Hand grinder can be disassembled in seconds, allowing you to easily remove any extra grinds or oils that have collected over time.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G
    • Materials: BPA-Free Plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone
    • Capacity: 24g
    • Dimensions: W150 x D53 x H190mm
    • Burrs: Ceramic Conical


Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G Features

  • Hario Ceramic Burrs are well-known in the coffee industry for being precise, reliable, and trustworthy for coffee consumers of all degrees of strength.
  • Grind for All. All filter brewers, including the french press, the moka pot, and everything in between, are compatible with this blend.
  • Portable & Light Weight. Because of its thin and lightweight design, this is a great travel coffee companion.
  • Clear Design. Having a clear view into the grinding chamber enables you to watch how your beans are transformed into ground coffee beans.
  • Simple Cleaning. Easily disassembled for easy cleaning of sticky oils and grinds, then reassembled for a second time.
  • Recommendations. The Hario Coffee Grinder Smart G is a perfect match for your AeroPress or other Hario Pour Over products. 
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