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Cafetto Spectra Descaler 600g
Cafetto Spectra Descaler 600g

Cafetto Spectra Descaler 600g

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A powder descaler that is both ecologically safe and effective, the Cafetto Spectra Descaling Powder utilises pH-sensitive dye components to visually indicate whether or not a descaling cycle was successful. The colour orange indicates that a descaling cycle was successful, while the colour blue indicates that another descaling cycle is required. Specifically designed to remove limescale and calcium buildup from espresso machine water tanks, boilers, and coffee brewers in a fast and simple manner, this product.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x Cafetto Spectra Descaler 600g
    • Certified for organic use. Detergents in Spectra are readily biodegradable.
    • Free from phosphate and GMO.


Direction to Use

  • To create an orange solution, dissolve 1 sachet in 500mL water and mix well. It should be used to fill the water tank (if machine has a water filter, remove this prior to turning machine on).
  • Fill the cup under the coffee maker with 120mL of the solution and set the cup aside. Using the steam wand, remove 60mL of the solution.
  • Before sending the remaining descaling solution through the system, wait 15 minutes for the descaler to do its job. Turn on the steam for a minimum of 20 seconds to ensure that the steam wand is completely emptied.
  • As the descaling solution leaves the machine, it should be orange, indicating that the descaling cycle was successful and the descaling solution was not orange. Then repeat steps 1-4 to complete another descaling cycle if the answer is blue.
  • Run one tank of clean, fresh water through the system and the steam wand to ensure that everything is thoroughly clean. 


Highlights of Cafetto Spectra Descaler 600g

  • Environment Friendly. This powder is both environmentally friendly and safe for your machine.
  • Effective Descaling Solution. Works swiftly to fix any problems that may have occurred inside your machine's system, allowing you to get back up and running as soon as possible. 
  • Recommendations. We offer a wide range of cleaning products and don't forget to check them out.
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