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Cafetto Restore Descaler 1kg
Cafetto Restore Descaler 1kg

Cafetto Restore Descaler 1kg

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Cafetto RESTORE has been authorised as an organic cleaner by the BFA and the OMRI. Descaling powder for espresso machines, pod/capsule machines, and other similar devices that is both safe and efficient.

These are the considerations that are taken into consideration while designing espresso machine boilers, pod/capsule coffee machines, and thermoblock espresso machines.


Inside the Box

Direction to Use

  • 1/4 cup dissolved with 2 litres warm water, then poured into the water tank
  • Turn the machine on after removing the filter holder.
  • Place a cup under the brew spout and pour 1 cup of the descaling solution out. Using the steam arm, extract roughly 1/4 cup. Run the entire solution through the steam wand on hot water, not steam, for superautomated machines.
  • Allow for a 15-minute cooling period before repeating the operation. Rep the procedure until you've used up all of the solution.
  • Rinse the system completely with one tank of clean fresh water, leaving through the brew head and steam wand.


Highlights of Cafetto Restore Descaler 1kg

  • Reliable Solution. Cafetto RESTORE is a dependable cleaning solution that will keep your machine operating at top performance for an extended period of time.
  • Long Lasting. Because you only need a little quantity, 1kg should last you quite a long time, assuming you utilise it properly. 
  • Recommendations. In addition to that, a cleaning brush would help cleaning processes easier.
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