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BWT Bestmax Premium S Water Filter 900L
BWT Bestmax Premium S Water Filter 900L

BWT Bestmax Premium S Water Filter 900L

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You can be assured that your water will be safeguarded from rust and scaling when you use the BWT Bestmax Premium S Water Filter. While water quality has improved significantly in recent years, the bestprotect line ensures the protection of your coffee maker. For instance, natural water with a high salt content may produce corrosion on surfaces, as well as scale and gypsum deposits (calcium sulphate). If you're searching for machine technology and other components, BWT bestprotect filters are manufactured using the same BWT filter technology as the company's well-known medium and high-end BWT filter cartridges.

BWT cartridges are very efficient in preventing scale and gypsum deposits, maintaining a steady pH, and preventing corrosion, even at high scale concentrations. Water filtered using the Bestprotect system is assured to be of the finest quality at all times.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x BWT Bestmax Premium S Water Filter
    • Materials of construction: Polypropylene Food Grade
    • Temperature range: 4 – 30ºC (not for use in hot water)
    • Pressure: 200 – 800 kPa
    • Use pressure limiting valve if maximum pressure may be exceeded
    • Flow rate: < 5 lpm
    • Filter cartridge replacement frequency: When capacity reached or 12 months max
    • Inlet / Outlet : 3/8″ bspm
    • Dimensions: 310mm x 88mm
    • Filter Capacity: 900L @ 120ppm
    • Compatible with: BWT Bestmax Filter Head


Highlights of BWT Bestmax Premium S Water Filter

  • Excellent Water Filtration. It helps prevent water scales, gypsum deposits, and rust, enabling you to extend the life of your coffee machine.
  • Easy Installation. You just have to remove the old filter and screw in the new one since it's a one-way system.
  • Balanced pH. After filtering, the water would retain a high pH value, which has been shown to be advantageous to the human body.
  • Compatibility. The filter is 100% compatible with BWT Water and many other filter heads.
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