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Brita C500 Purity Water Filter 6200L Cartridge
Brita C500 Purity Water Filter 6200L Cartridge

Brita C500 Purity Water Filter 6200L Cartridge

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Carbonate hardness in drinking water is decreased with the use of PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges, which reduces the likelihood of limescale deposits forming in equipment. These cartridges have been specially developed for use in the catering and vending sectors, among other things. It also preserves metal ions such as lead or copper while reducing chemicals that have a negative effect on the smell and flavour of food, such as chlorine residues.

First filter cartridge to include Purity Technology With the introduction of PURITY technology, Brita has upped the standard for water filtration. This technology is now accessible to users of low-capacity devices in the restaurant and catering sectors, as well as vending machines. For the first time, filter cartridges are equipped with the ground-breaking PURITY technological innovation. This kind of cartridge may reduce carbonate hardness as well as odor- and taste-impairing compounds as well as the smallest particles, according to its manufacturer's requirements.

This is the only way to guarantee that the flavours and smells of the products grow correctly and that they provide great results. Purity C filter cartridges are often found in coffee and espresso machines, vending machines for hot and cold beverages, and conventional and combi ovens, to name a few applications.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x Brita C500 Purity Water Filter Cartridge
    • Filter Capacity: 6,200L @ 120ppm
    • Operating Pressure: 2 - 8 Bar


Highlights of Brita C500 Purity Water Filter Cartridge

  • High Filtration Performance. The Brita Purity Water Filter could filter particles with the retention up to 10um.
  • Scale Built Up Prevention. With the help of the filter, it could help to prevent water scale to build up in your machine, thus improves the performance and stability of the coffee machines.
  • Easy Installation. The filter could be installed and replaced by a simple twist, no additional tools required.
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