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Bialetti Venus Moka Pot - All Sizes
Bialetti Venus Moka Pot - All Sizes

Bialetti Venus Moka Pot

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There is beauty and elegance in the Bialetti Venus Moka Pot stovetop espresso maker. The Venus takes a few minutes to produce a rich, authentic Italian espresso. With a whole body of 18/10 stainless steel, the Venus beautiful stove-top espresso machine is built to endure (including all internal parts). You may use the Venus on any kind of stove, whether gas, electric, or induction.

Because it may be used on any kind of burner or induction, the Venus is very versatile. The stainless steel filter may be filled with coffee, and the bottom chamber can be filled with water up to the release level. Water must be allowed to flow freely through the coffee without being tamped down.

Once you've reassembled Venus, place it on the burner to warm. When using a moka pot, make sure the flame or gas isn't higher than the pot's base. As the water pressure rises, the value will be released, and the water will pass through the coffee grinds as a consequence. The coffee will be forced to the top chamber through the valve. When you hear a bubbling sound from your Moka Pot, it's ready. To ensure that the flavours are balanced, stir the coffee in the chamber. 

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Bialetti Venus Moka Pot
    • Materials: Stainless Steel, Moulded Resin Handle
    • Stovetops: All (Including Induction, excluding 2 Cup Model)


Highlights of Bialetti Venus Moka Pot

  • Rich & Balanced Coffee. To get a rich and well-balanced espresso flavour, use a stovetop method. Espresso may be made with or without hot water or milk.
  • Simple to Make. Pour in water, add coffee, and heat for 3 - 5 minutes to make coffee.
  • Quality Stainless Steel. Constructed of stainless steel for long life, easy cleaning, and aesthetic appeal in any kitchen.
  • Compatible with All Stoves. Compatible with all types of stoves, including induction ones (excluding 2 Cup model).
  • Comfortable Handle. An Ergonomic Design With Its Counterweighted Handle Makes Pouring Coffee Easy. 
  • Seal Replacement. It is suggested to replace the Seal & Filter every 3 months for best performance.
  • Recommendations. Don't forget to get a milk frother and coffee grinder if you don't already own one.
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