New Cafe Setup

About setting up new cafe

Setting up a new cafe is not easy, it needs to take many things into consideration. This includes positioning, floor plans, designs, fit-out, visual identifications, equipments, staffs, managements, etc. See how we could help you to set up a new cafe.


Floor Plans

Floor plan is absolutely the most important thing in setting up a new shop. This would affect every aspect of the cafe, including how efficient would staffs work later on, how people feel whether it’s comfortable sitting inside the shop, how convenient would staffs cooperate with each other, how many equipments could be placed, future shop upgrade and equipments replacement, etc.

We could advise and give out recommendations on how to set up the floor plans so as to avoid common mistakes.

new cafe setup


Designs & Fit-outs

A good design shall not only attract people’s eyes, but also should serve certain functions, making people feeling comfortable.

This is the same when comes to the fit-out, which carries out the design ideas. The fit-out talents should understand clearly of the design intentions, making sure the fit-out is of good quality, easy for future maintenance, replacements, etc.

We have specialised design and fit-out team who will help you to resolve all those problems.



Equipments should be designed according to the shop needs. Of course not every shop could have full kitchen. Some of them do not have gas, some do not have exhaust, some do not have enough room for fridges.

When considering what equipments to be used in a new shop, we shall take all those factors into consideration.