Menu Upgrade

Understanding Customer Needs

Each area is different, and each customer is different. This can be shown as whether they like to sit down and have a meal, or want quick food for takeaway, whether they like to spend more to enjoy the food, or spend less for simple food.

We help you to understand what customers like in your specific area, including their flavour preference, spending capacity, service requirements, takeaway needs, etc.


Seasonal Menu Upgrades

When season changes, clearly the menu should be adjusted accordingly.

During a cold season, people would prefer hot food like soup, risotto, and heavy food etc. In a hot season however, people would love more about salads, and other simple food.

We have a chef’s team, who will help you to verify your menu if it caters to the seasonal needs, and provide recommendations & trainings to how you could cultivate the menu to adapt to the seasonal changes.


Iconic Meals

Standing out from the competition is how we could differentiate us from the others, and we need to give people a reason to visit the shop and try out the food they love. That’s why every shop would need iconic meals designed specifically for them.

An excellent iconic meal would also help people to remember you in a way, saying wow that Chicken Taco Soup tastes really nice and I have never been having the same thing before. It’s definitely worth a try.

menu upgrade



Not every cafe has full kitchen.

This is especially true in shop centres and other commercial areas where only light cooking is possible. Some doesn’t have exhaust, some doesn’t have gas, some only have limited area for cool and freezing.

Our central kitchen would help you to create better meals using the current equipments you have on hand. All semi-products are easy to store, quick to remake, with tutorials provided to ensure the end product is satisfying to every customer.