Commercial Equipments

Espresso Coffee Machines

Coffee machines are critical part of cafe businesses, and different types of the machines would have their own pros and cons. Some machines are cost effective, however they are not easy to handle with and might have little problems. Some however, are very strong, easy to maintain, but could be very costly.

Deciding on what kind of machine to choose really depends on the business requirement, design concepts, the overall budget, etc.

La Marzocco Linea

Lar Marzocco is one of the most popular and famous coffee machine brand in the market, and it has many benefits:

  • Straight forward design with no hassles

  • Almost every barista can handle it straight away

  • Great for people with limited budget

  • Very easy to maintain in the future

la marzocco linea

Sanremo Cafe Racer

The Sanremo Cafe Racer is our favorite beast in making coffee. There are some very attractive points:

  • Seven independent boilers to ensure the coffee shot to be always consistent

  • Very modern outlook which will attract customers on first sight

  • Easy operating steam handles

  • Module designs for easy future maintenance

  • Adjustable heights for different baristas

sanremo cafe racer

Commercial Grinders

What to know when choosing a commercial grinder?

Choosing a commercial grinder depends on the weekly coffee usage, types of beans serving, etc. We tend to choose one or two grinders for our main blends, and another for all other single origins.

Anfim SP II

Built for high volume Australian Cafes the Anfim SP 2 Espresso Grinder Special Performance is all about quality and efficiency for a perfectly clean espresso taste.

Customised Titanium coated grinding blades built for minimal wear and tear and are paired with dual fan system, which reduces heat from grinding coffee.

The stepless worm drive grind adjustment that doesnt shift throughout the day and the user-friendly software with a precise dose timer, adjustable by steps of 1/10 of a second ensures consistent and exact dosing necessary for a constant pour time and perfect taste in the cup.

anfim sp2 plus

Mythos One

Mythos is still being used in many cafes, it is usually used as the main grinder. There are many creative functions:

  • Release barista’s hands

  • Accurate temperature control to ensure the grinder is not over heating or under temperature

  • little residual inside the grinder

  • easy to adjust how fine/coarse of the coffee powder

  • There is 4kg hook available so less efforts in refilling the machine

  • Programmable for different dosages.

mythos one

Mazzer Robur E

Mazzer’s Robur Coffee Grinder is an electronic grinder-doser equipped with heavy-duty conical grinding blades. True to Mazzer’s reputation for rugged coffee grinders, grinder-dosers, and other coffee products, the Robur model is designed for a balanced combination of reliability and polished design.

  • Conical grinding blades.

  • Single and double dosage possible.

  • Digital display.

  • Dosage counter.

  • Built-in ventilation device.

  • Hand tamper included.

  • Stepless micrometrical adjustment.

robur e

Equipment Finance

How it Works

Find out the simple steps to get the equipments financed.

  1. Contact us for the equipments you like and we will send you a quote.

  2. Contact Silver Chef to apply for a credit and make an arrangement.

  3. Once you are happy with the quote, we will send our quote to silver chef, and your equipments would be installed and tested.

  4. All Done, the shop now have all the equipments necessary to keep it running.

To find out more details, contact us now.