Coffee Bean Selection

Why Select Beans

We understands that each area is slightly different from the other. Some areas people like strong and bitter coffee, some like coffee with unique aroma, etc. That is also why we have different blends that could cater to the customer’s needs.



Through coffee cupping, we could observe the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee.

This involves deeply sniffing the coffee, then slurping the coffee from a spoon so it is aerated and spread across the tongue. We could then identify the body, sweetness, acidity, flavour, and aftertaste.

Each blend contains different coffee beans from different originations, thus by combining the blends together, we could then get a good cup of coffee.

coffee cupping 


Bean Processing Method

There are different coffee bean processing methods that are commonly adopted to get rid of the flesh from coffee cherry, and each method has its unique pros and cons.

For example, the natural method would keep all flesh from coffee cherry, so the coffee bean would taste sweet but quality is not consistent. The washed method would take out all flesh, but usually taste a bit sour. The honey process would fall in between, etc.

When choosing what beans to be used for a good coffee blend, we will take those factors into consideration, to ensure the blend has a good flavour, body, richness, after taste, etc.


Roaster Factory

Our roaster factory is located in North Sydney.

Welcome to our factory to book a bean selection section.


3/16 Salisbury Rd

Hornsby NSW 2077