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T2 Just Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea
T2 Just Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea
T2 Just Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

T2 Just Peppermint Tea Bag

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A member of the mint family, peppermint (Mentha piperita) is a cross between watermint and spearmint. Because of its pleasant, minty flavour and health benefits, it has been used for thousands of years across Europe and Asia.

For example, peppermint is a flavouring used in breath mints, candy, and a wide range of other products. Caffeine-free tea made from peppermint leaves is also popular. Among the many essential oils contained in peppermint leaves are the chemicals menthol, menthone, and limonene. Menthol, an ingredient in peppermint, is responsible for the plant's cooling properties and distinctive minty scent.

Despite the fact that most people drink peppermint tea because of its flavour, research indicates that it may have a variety of health benefits as well. Scientific studies have focused on peppermint extracts rather than tea.

These peppermint leaves create a cool infusion whether served hot or cold. One that captures the sweet aroma of mint while also leaving behind a calming, long-lasting scent to help you start your day off properly. There is a strong aroma and a pleasant and smooth minty flavour to the infusion, which is bright and golden green. energising, young, and clean.


Inside the Box

  • 1 x T2 Just Peppermint Tea Bag
  • Enjoy hot on its own.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

Brewing Guide

  • Amount: 1 tsp per cup
  • Time: 2-3 mins
  • Temperature: 100°C (212°F)


What are the Benefits of Peppermint Tea?

It's a popular herbal tea that has no calories or caffeine. According to some studies, the oils found in peppermint may also help with breath freshening, digestion, and headache pain relief. The antimicrobial qualities of peppermint tea are another benefit of drinking it.


How Many Cups of Peppermint Tea Should I Drink a Day?

Peppermint tea does not have a suggested daily intake quantity, but starting with 1-2 cups for general well-being is an excellent idea. Fighting the 3 p.m. slump requires a cup of coffee, which we suggest!

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