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Moccamaster Classic Copper / Brass
Moccamaster Classic Copper / Brass
Moccamaster Classic Copper / Brass
Moccamaster Classic Copper / Brass

Moccamaster Classic Copper / Brass

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Brew amazing coffee for the whole house with the Moccamaster Classic coffee brewer's huge 1.25 L carafe. Because of its consistent temperature and ability to evenly soak coffee grinds to make excellent coffee, this brewer has gained the approval of many major speciality coffee groups. The Moccamaster Classic has a heavy-duty copper boiler that keeps the temperature between 90ºC and 95ºC. One of the secrets to balanced coffee brewing is to use this temperature range. The post-brew warming plate has two temperature settings and can keep your coffee hot for up to 40 minutes.

A spray head on the Moccamaster Classic can uniformly soak all of the coffee grinds. A bloom phase is programmed into the brewing cycle, during which the coffee grinds are gently sprayed. The gadget is made of high-grade aluminium, BPA-free plastic, and high-grade glass and is designed to last a long time. Choose from 11 different colours to match the rest of your kitchen decor.


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Highlights of Moccamaster Classic Copper / Brass Features

  • Hefty Copper Boiler maintains the coffee brewing heat between 90°C and 95ºC.
  • Built to Last. Made of sturdy BPA-Free polycarbonate and embedded in metal for a lifetime.
  • Clean, Balanced Cup with Crisp Acidity & Full Body. The brewing cycle includes a blooming phase for the preparation of coffee grinds and the 9-hole breeze head encourages equal extraction and a balanced cup.
  • World Renowned. The Moccamaster Classic has been tested and certified and is approved by the SCAA, SCAE and ECBC by the world's leading coffee experts.
  • Large Carafe. You can brew up to 1.25 litres of great coffee, which is good for many.
  • Warming Plate. Keep your coffee warm on this plate after the brewing is done. The warmer offers two temperature adjustments and, if not used, shuts down after 40 minutes. 
  • Recommendations. You will need the #4 Moccamaster Filters to work with the machine, and it is also suggested to consider the Moccamaster Grinder that could well with the machine.
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