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Latte Pro Milk Pticher Jug Copper 600ml
Latte Pro Milk Pticher Jug Copper 600ml

Latte Pro Milk Jug Copper 600ml

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Latte Pro Milk Pitchers are well-known for having a built-in thermometer, which ensures that the milk steams consistently at the proper temperature and is of high quality every time. Using thermo-stickers that change colour as the temperature rises, you will be able to maintain your milk within the optimal temperature range of 55°C to 65°C every time you steam.

The thermo-stickers are ready to use and simple to replace. A depression exists on each side of the jug, and as a result, the sticker will be placed on the side that you choose. This method is effective for both left- and right-handed people. Pouring is a snap because to the ergonomic handle, and the well-designed spout allows even the tiniest traces of your latte art to appear. If you're a big lover of espresso, this milk jug is perfect for you.

Use a sticker on each individual jug with integrated colour plugs to easily identify the kind of milk in order to avoid cross-contamination between various types of milk. When dirty stick thermometers are used, there are concerns regarding cross-contamination and sanitary concerns. 


Inside the Box

  • 1 x Latte Pro Milk Jug
  • Two liquid crystal, sticked-on thermometers


Highlights of Latte Pro Milk Jug Copper 

  • Accurate Pouring features a comfortable grip as well as an accurate pouring nozzle, which makes it ideal for latte art applications.
  • Large stick-on thermometers with liquid crystals that may be used on both sides of the milk guarantee that the temperature of the milk is accurately measured.
  • Differenciate Milk Type. It is supplied with three different coloured silicone plugs to allow distinguishing between various types of milk much simpler. 
  • Recommendations. In case the thermometer is broken, we have got you covered with the Replacement Thermometer. We offer a wide range of milk jugs and don't miss them out.
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