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Chemex® 3 Cup Filter Unfolded Halfmoon
Chemex® 3 Cup Filter Unfolded Halfmoon

Chemex® 3 Cup Filter Unfolded Halfmoon

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The Chemex® 3 Cup Filters are 20-30 percent thicker than the traditional Chemex filters, making them an excellent option. Because of the thickness of the thick paper, there is a great balance between the clean mouthfeel, the keen acidity, and the purity of the taste. This filter has been specifically developed to work with the Chemex 3 cup filter system.

The Chemex® 3-cup brewing system is a classic brewing system that has withstood the test of time and is still going strong. The Chemex® keeps water and coffee in contact with one another for as long as possible, resulting in a more fragrant cup of coffee. Because of a more complete extraction of the coffee's flavour, aroma, and essential oils, the resulting cup has less acidity and greater clarity than before.


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Highlights of Chemex® 3 Cup Filter Unfolded Halfmoon

  • Better Filtration & Cleaner Cup. Improved Filtration with 20-30% greater thickness.
  • Bleached Oxygen Filter There are no chemicals used in the production of white paper. Free of odour and taste
  • You'll need to fold them into a cone in order to use them with the 3 Cup Chemex.
  • Recommendations. Also consider a proper coffee scale to achieve better consistency.
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