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Bialetti Rainbow (Fuchsia) Moka Express Coffee Maker
Bialetti Rainbow (Fuchsia) Moka Express Coffee Maker

Bialetti Rainbow (Fuchsia) Moka Express Coffee Maker

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With the introduction of the new Bialetti Rainbow Moka Express Coffee Maker Range, your favourite stovetop espresso machine now has a vibrant display to match its vibrant flavour. A Bialetti Moka Pot rapidly brews rich, genuine Italian coffee. Bialetti designed the aluminium pot with an eight-sided shape to optimise performance; this shape is exclusive to Bialetti.

You will only need grounded coffee, water and a stove to make a great cup of coffee. Making a latte or a flat white is as simple as boiling milk and putting it into your beverage. This moka pot creates Italian-style espresso by using pressurised water vapour. A silky crema develops on top of the creamy espresso due to the strong interaction between air and coffee oils.



Inside the Box

  • 1 x Bialetti Rainbow (Fuchsia) 3 Cup Moka Express Coffee Maker
    • Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Acrylic
    • Size: 3 Cup
    • Stovetops: All Except Induction (Consider Bialetti Induction Plate to be compatible with the Induction Stoves)


Highlights of Bialetti Rainbow (Fuchsia) Moka Express Coffee Maker

  • Built to Last. The Moka Pot is lightweight and durable, thanks to its high-quality aluminium alloy construction, and it will endure for many years.
  • Compact Design. You can carry the mokapot with you wherever you go because of its compact size and compatibility with nearly all stoves (with the exception of induction). This makes it perfect for outdoor activities like as camping and road trips.
  • Balanced, Rich & Full Bodied Coffee. Using the classic Moka Pot coffee-brewing technique, you'll get a cup of coffee that's rich and full-bodied with a thick coating of crema on top.
  • Colorful Kitchen. The bright colour works nicely with almost everything in the kitchen and provides a pop of colour to the overall design of the room.
  • Recommendations. Consider using Bialetti Induction Plate to work with the Induction stoves, the Bialetti Tuttocrema Milk Frother in case you need to froth milk, and a manual coffee grinder to grind coffee beans wherever you like.
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