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Bellman Essential Starter Kit
Bellman Essential Starter Kit
Bellman Essential Starter Kit
Bellman Essential Starter Kit
Bellman Essential Starter Kit
Bellman Essential Starter Kit
Bellman Essential Starter Bundle
Bellman Essential Starter Bundle

Bellman Essential Starter Kit

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With the Bellman Essential Starter Kit, you can experience the highest quality espresso and heating milk whenever you want, whether you're sipping a cup of espresso or boiling a cup of milk in the morning. When you use the Bellman CX-25P Espresso & Steamer, it's simple to get great results every time. The espresso generated by this machine is made in moka pots, but they are stronger, covered with crema, and delicious on their own or with a little bit of milk. With a large pot of steaming coffee, you can warm the whole campground.

The use of a cafe-style steam wand indicates that this is not a dish to be taken lightly. It's here to put the latest generation of commercial espresso machines to the test of their mettle. A steaming cup of milk, suitable for making cappuccinos, flat whites, and hot chocolate, among other beverages, will be ready for you to prepare in the machine.



Inside the Box

Making Espresso

  • Fill the pot with hot water 94ºC, which could speed up the brewing process.
  • Add your prefered  grounded coffee inside the pot, press it with the  Tamper, add filters if would like a cleaner shot.
  • Heat the Bellman CX25P on high power, preferrably on induction stove and can easily manage power.
  • Once the pressure gauge reads 0.8 - 1 par, open the espresso tap a bit for 10 seconds to release the air. Close the tap and wait another 10 seconds to allow coffee to brew, and then reopen the tap again to extract espresso. It is recommended to use a  coffee shot glass to spare the shots.


Steaming Milk

  • Add hot water inside the pot, set it on stoves, and wait for the pressure to build up.
  • Keep an eye on the pressure gauge, when it reads 1.8-2 par, it means the pot is ready to steam milk.
  • Turn the steamer knob on and place the wand in your  milk jug. Allow the tip of the wand to stir the milk's surface for 3-5 seconds before submerging it halfway into the milk and swirling it around in a circle.
  • Turn off the steamer when the milk reaches  60ºC - 65ºC, and purge and clean the wand.
  • Pour your smooth milk into your cup of coffee and sip it up.


Highlights of Bellman Essential Starter Kit

  • All Essentials Included. The Essential Starter Kit includes everything needed to get started. The  Bellman CX25P Tamper would allow you to press the espresso and provide a better, crisp and bright coffee shot, whereas the  Filter Paper allows you to remove all kinds of micro grounds from the coffee beans, thus extracting cleaner cup.
  • Monitor Pressures. Gain an understanding of when it is time to brew and steam by watching the pressure gauge.
  • Cafe Level Steamer. The perfect tool for great lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites is this milk heating wand.
  • High Quality. Since it is constructed of 18/8 stainless steel and sturdy bakelite, this cookware will last for decades.
  • Portable. Compact and lightweight, Travel Ready is ideal for roadside coffee.
  • Airtight. It is suggested to replace the rubber sealer every 3 months to maintain airtight functions.
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